I am struggling to think of any massive digital campaign by any brand in Nigeria. I really cannot remember any that is worthy of talking about. That really says alot about the state of things here.

Every single thing I can remember that is worthy of note was either done by a celebrity or just some individual. Don Jazzy, DBanj and Davido have done massive engagements on digital that many brands would simply just envy. The bride price app was another massive success. I still can’t remember anything done by a brand that is worthy of note.

So far all attempts at digital engagement by brands looks forced and out of place, they simply are not getting it right if you ask me.

Why am I writing this? Well I am trying to put together a couple of case studies for an international client and all I can think of are decent campaigns but nothing mind blowing. The share a coke campaign is international in origin so I won’t count that. ( it’s doing very well by the way)

If you remember any one that knocked your socks off, do let me know in the comment. I am looking at campaigns that actually go beyond banner ads or a brand promoting it’s TV via YouTube’s Trueview In-stream ads, I am talking about real engagement o, make una help me find one.