In this age of social media, writing is so 1990s – we have all moved on to videos, so why should your diary stay the same?

Meet Vournally – The absolutely best way to save your memories in 2018 and beyond. Record video journals (Vournals) of life, right on your mobile phone.
Vournally is a Video Diary, a Video Journal, your own secure Vlog with PIN and Password Lock

So, say bye to old school diaries and meet the future.

It’s clutter free and super simple to use.

Vournally is your video diary and it is 100% private and protected with military grade security protocols to ensure whatever you keep in, stays in.

Videos saved in Vournally are not visible in your phone’s gallery or photos and can only be opened by Vournally.

Vournally is simple easy to use and clutter free. This is the only video diary app you will ever need.

Vournally is great for users who have memory issues. Vournally is great if you suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers. It is not recommended by any medical body but the fact that you can save videos that are super secure and play them back later really helps.

Please note that while Vournally is free to start using. The free version comes with several limitations. To get the very best of Vournally be sure to upgrade to one of the Pro versions.

• Record 120 seconds Vournals
• Simple & clutter-free user Interface
• Unlimited cloud storage
• Military grade encryption
• PIN and fingerprint security
• Robust reminder system.
• Multiple colour themes
• Hashtag support
• Set and create moods
• Geolocation support
• Multi language support…English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese

Download Vournally Video Diary