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With a device such as a mobile phone is familiar to all. In our time, it helps not only to communicate with relatives or friends, but also to exchange text messages, and surf the Internet. Modern people are constantly trying to have a functional mobile phone and therefore, when the output of a new model of it you acquire.Thousands of residents make a purchase at the supermarket or in the online store. But there is another way – to buy mobile phone on Jiji.ng.

It’s a real godsend for those who want to save and use only the best device. Works resource 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Specialized website for the sale of goods from individuals. It can be new or used products. To put your mobile phone on sale just need to register. After that, place the item details, price and uploading to the website image. As soon as the announcement is moderated, it will immediately appear in the database. Thousands residents of Nigeria will be able to see it. You can be sure that among the huge number of buyers just find someone who is interested in them.

How to choose a mobile phone?

Today mobile phones are releasing dozens of companies. Online selling the device as well-known companies,and those that have appeared recently. Phone numbers can be found in the tab with the same name. After The transfer, you will be able to encounter just added ads.They are at the top of the list. You can use the filter. It will limit the amount and choose the model according to the criteria. Among them:

  • view of the device;
  • manufacturer.

In this category you can find and accessories.

The main image will help to validate the model. If she’s interested, then go to the page. Seller’s place as much information as possible to potential buyer was easier to choose. To contact the buyer by phone and arrange a meeting. The contact data specified on the page.

On Jiji.ng sold and other goods. Among them:

  • products for children;
  • televisions;
  • machine;
  • furniture and much more.

They are placed in other sections. Buyers are willing to make allowances. To do this, ask for the price reduction. In 99% they agree on it. Transfer of the payments after meeting with the goods. Find your city and begin buying.