Here is a quick answer to a question most new users tend to ask about ads placement with Google Adsense.

The question usually is where is the best place to place your Google ads to make more money on Adsense.

Ok my answer is, it depends 🙂 I know, not a lot of good really, but then again it is the right answer in my opinion.

While it is common practice to actually make money with ads that are place within content, in the long run it really depends on the structure of your website and how your visitors interact with your content and website.

Personally, I have had significant success with ads placed on the right side bar on one of my magazine website as well as within content, while I have had more success with header ads in another, but I guess that is as a result of the way my content is structured.

However who is to say that the best place for your ads would not be to place your ads at the bottom of your website, the footer?

Sounds crazy ? Think about it, if your users know you always have great content purposely at the bottom of your page, who is to say they won’t be heading to the bottom of your page every time ?

A website that offers, free content such as pdfs, downloads and possibly coupons strategically placed at the bottom of their web page will probably do better with placing Google ads at the footer of the website.

Have a look at your performance reports and analyse how your custom channels are doing (if you have created one) to see which part of your website is actually doing best with your ads.

You need to spend some time here to decide what works best for your site.

What works best for site A won’t necessarily work best for site B.

Hope this helps.