For someone who hates to writes, I wonder why I started a blog in the first place. 🙂

In an era where information is so freely available everywhere, brands need to take up new roles as publishers.

Creating content delivers so many benefits for your brand.

  • It helps you to “sculpt” the conversations online around your brand.
  • It gets you found.
  • It helps you manage your reputation online.
  • It makes you a though leader.

Brands need to begin to see their customers more as their audience and develop content for them, brands need to be more conversational.

Creating relevant content that targets your TA will keep them engaged.

An engaged customer is a happy customer.

A happy customer, becomes a brand evangelist.

They spend more…

Not exactly in that order but you get the gist… 🙂

Any major Nigerian brand out there, publishing ?

Am thinking hard but none comes to mind immediately 🙁

Maybe you can help with some names