Internet usage in Nigeria
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How many internet users do we really have in Nigeria?

Let’s talk about the number of internet users in Nigeria.

Depending on who you ask, you will find different numbers branded all over the internet.

The body in the best possible position to give the exact figures is the NCC. They put the number at close to 97 million  as at June 2016. This is the number most people quote in their presentations and talks, …

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Virtual Reality and Opportunities for Brands

I am beginning to think that 2016 will be the year VR (Virtual Reality) finally takes off. VR and its more complicated cousin, AR (Augmented Reality) have been buzzwords for as long as I can remember, making the top trends for the last couple of years, but never really making it into mainstream …

Google Alphabet
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My take on the Google = Alphabet thing

Google = Alphabet? well, not exactly.

Google’s corporate revamping has kicked up a significant amount of sand (or in this case bytes). This is no surprise. After all, it is not every day the most popular company in the world changes how it does business.

It is however, interesting to note …