Focus on the consumer
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Focus on the consumer

When in doubt, look to Google right? At least you would expect Google to get things right (let’s forget the epic fails of Buzz & Wave) Traditional advertising is dead”, “TV, Print & OOH is dieing”, “More and more budget is moving to digital” — Digital budget can only go up, it was …

Internet usage in Nigeria
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How many internet users do we really have in Nigeria?

Let’s talk about the number of internet users in Nigeria.

Depending on who you ask, you will find different numbers branded all over the internet.

The body in the best possible position to give the exact figures is the NCC. They put the number at close to 97 million  as at June 2016. This is the number most people quote in their presentations and talks, …

Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation : Digital to the Core

Getting a true cost benefit out of digital business begins with establishing a digital strategy as part of your company’s core principles. Let’s be clear, a digital strategy is not a digital marketing strategy. There is much more to it than ad placements and personalization. Digital is not something that can be effective …

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A Bit More on Strategy

Strategy is about making choices. It’s about sacrifices.

Strategy is about knowing you simply cannot do everything or be everything.

Any strategy starts out from determining what your organisation wants to achieves or problems it needs solved i.e your objectives.

It follows up into understanding the environmental context in which your business and competition play.

It identifies your target …


Why you need a strategic plan

Quite simply, you need a strategic plan to help you get from a point “A”( where you are) to a point “B”(where you need to be)
While it’s actually very possible to move from A to B without any sort of plan in place, you will quickly find out that you will approach the process in …