Investment Dilemma

A few years ago, I probably would not have had this problem, it would have been pretty easy to make up my mind.

One of my new year resolutions this year was to ensure that I diversified my investments more. I am not the type that likes to keep money around, I like to put it …


New Blog Theme

The blog is beginning to get some traction so I will be changing my theme to make my site more “friendly”. The new design will be clean with very soft colours, let’s just say Martins is innovating 🙂

Let me know what you think of the proposed new look and feel


Innovation / Technology

MTN’s Innovative Datacenter In Nigeria

Sometime last year, I earned the qualification of a Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE), what this meant was that I was certified to consult on designing datacenters as well as to manage their day-to-day operations; I hold both the Data center Design Professional (DCD) as well as well as the Datacenter Operations Management Professional(DCOM) certifications. …

Innovation / Mobile / Social Media / Technology

Internet Advertising Done Wrong

How many of you have noticed how marketers are getting it all wrong with digital advertising and in particular with internet advertising?

Many marketers still approach internet advertising as they did traditional advertising mediums like TV and radio all these years.

What I see very much of these days is marketers splashing millions of naira on internet …

Innovation / Technology

Chief Strategy Officer Summit

Balance Strategy Formulation & Ensure Flawless Execution

Just last month, I attended the Chief Strategy Officer Summit which held at the Conrad hotel in New York and was organized by the guys at Innovation Enterprise.The Chief Strategy Officer Summit gathers strategy executives for a thought leading summit acclaimed for its innovative insights into the strategic planning …

Innovation / Mobile / Technology

Innovation in Nigeria

Just the other day I got into a discussion with a few colleagues on the area of innovation. They didn’t seem to believe innovation was happening here in Nigeria and that if it was indeed happening, it wasn’t disruptive enough.

Technology and the internet has put us in an era the experts are now calling the …

Innovation / Mobile / Technology

Innovating with Google

Not too long ago, I attended the Google CIO conference which held in Lagos Nigeria. I was invited as one of five panelist to discuss the adoption of Google Apps in our organizations and answer questions from the audience on all things Google. At this conference over 2000 CIOs from many of the largest businesses …


Understanding Innovation.

Why does innovation seem so hard?

Globalization and the rapid advancement of technology are changing how business is being done the world over, Nigeria not being an exception.
Nigerian companies are increasingly needing to dig deep to stay competitive in a world where our biggest competitors are half way across the world, sometimes, the biggest global players …

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