Internet usage in Nigeria
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How many internet users do we really have in Nigeria?

Let’s talk about the number of internet users in Nigeria.

Depending on who you ask, you will find different numbers branded all over the internet.

The body in the best possible position to give the exact figures is the NCC. They put the number at close to 97 million  as at June 2016. This is the number most people quote in their presentations and talks, …


Replacing My Lost Android Smartphone With A Microsoft Phone

It makes no sense to keep rolling out new Microsoft powered smartphones if no one is building apps for them. Microsoft really needs to do something to get major developers to develop for the Microsoft mobile platform if they need their phones to survive another 2 years.

Just a few days ago …

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LEAP Africa 9th CEO’s Conference

So I got to give a talk at the above forum and really enjoyed myself. In my opinion about 6,000 SME owners attended this event and it was a huge success.

By popular demand, here is my presentation from the event, feel free to share it anywhere you like but remember to link back to this …

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Smiling my way to the Bank ?

Ok, so maybe the title doesn’t really work but I’ m going somewhere with it  🙂

Guys – This is MY opinion o, before una start…

My experience with internet speeds in Nigeria has been nothing short of a nightmare. I have about 10 different internet links ( with at least 4 active every month. ) From …