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Understanding the Nigerian Digital Consumer

Someone just tried to get me to include a flash based game into a digital proposal for a client –  you know yourself


A client that is based in Nigeria.

A client that is trying to reach Nigerians living in Nigeria.

A client who is trying to …

Internet Really has Changed Things
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How the Internet Really has Changed Things

Ok, it’s a Saturday weekend, my kids and their mum are away at the cinema, I am home alone. I pickup a copy of the june 2014 edition of Monocle magazine to relax and catch up on what’s happening in the world of business, culture and design.

Just 3 pages in, I …

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LEAP Africa 9th CEO’s Conference

So I got to give a talk at the above forum and really enjoyed myself. In my opinion about 6,000 SME owners attended this event and it was a huge success.

By popular demand, here is my presentation from the event, feel free to share it anywhere you like but remember to link back to this …