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Some thoughts on Innovation…innovating from the flanks

Innovation as a concept excites me. I love seeing companies swim against the tide and turn out innovative service and product offerings.

We live in interesting times, times where “business as usual” has become quite dangerous with technology now playing a major role in innovation acceleration, becoming an equalizer of sorts. Businesses that aren’t taking advantage of …

Internet usage in Nigeria
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How many internet users do we really have in Nigeria?

Let’s talk about the number of internet users in Nigeria.

Depending on who you ask, you will find different numbers branded all over the internet.

The body in the best possible position to give the exact figures is the NCC. They put the number at close to 97 million  as at June 2016. This is the number most people quote in their presentations and talks, …


Best buy mobile phone on the service

With a device such as a mobile phone is familiar to all. In our time, it helps not only to communicate with relatives or friends, but also to exchange text messages, and surf the Internet. Modern people are constantly trying to have a functional mobile phone and therefore, when the output of a new model …

Digital Transformation Part 1

Digital Transformation

You will be disrupted.

No business is immune. Disruption is a fact of life. It is not new, but it’s newest vehicle, digital, is infinitely more powerful.

Let’s start with a specific case – Amazon. Now, everyone knows Amazon sells products online. It is convenient, relatively fast and secure. It should …