Balance Strategy Formulation & Ensure Flawless Execution

Just last month, I attended the Chief Strategy Officer Summit which held at the Conrad hotel in New York and was organized by the guys at Innovation Enterprise.The Chief Strategy Officer Summit gathers strategy executives for a thought leading summit acclaimed for its innovative insights into the strategic planning field. Strategy leaders and innovators came together to learn how to make more effective strategic planning decisions and deliver superior business outcomes.

Here is a link to this years’ event for those of you that might be interested.

Attending this sort of events helps to keep you fresh in terms of your thinking. Getting out of Nigeria also helps to “reboot” your thinking as well. Spread over three days the opportunity to network with some of the big players was just an opportunity I couldn’t toy with.

I hope to share more of my experience at the conference with you lot in a bit.

One quote from one of the of the presenters than quickly comes to mind now was the one made by Charlotte Nourrigat, Planning Director for Chiquita Brands.

“Stop discussing about the data not being correct Start addressing the real challenges”
Many times we like to run around in circles focusing on the mundane things just to show activity, this happens  a bit in management when people feel they just have to add something to the conversation.

Focus on moving your visions to reality !!!