Nigeria is seeing a significant rise in the number of datacenters being established in the country. I am not talking about the “server rooms” some isps parade as datacenters but the more structured and regulated ones.

A few months back I did a little write up on a MTN datacenter I visited a while back and how impressed I was with what I saw. Today, am going a step further to see what other “major” offerings are out there for Nigerian businesses. I will only be cover datacenters that fall into either Tier 3 and Tier 4 ratings.

This is what the uptime rating of the various Tiers looks like.

  • Tier-1: A guarantee of 99.671% availability (28.8 hours of downtime per year)
  • Tier-2: A guarantee of 99.749% availability (22 hours of downtime per year)
  • Tier-3: A guarantee of 99.982% availability (1.6 hours of downtime per year)
  • Tier-4: A guarantee of 99.995% availability (only 26.28 minutes of downtime per year)

There is major business opportunities for firms to establish datacenters here in Nigeria despite the very unfriendly conditions – particularly, power. Power and power redundancy is a major factor that could significant affect the uptime of datacenters. One of the huge opportunities for firms to establish datacenters in Nigeria, lies in the policy by the CBN that prevents certain financial information from being stored outside the shores of Nigeria, effectively preventing them from the massive scaling opportunities the cloud can provide.

The banks and other financial services players are first to come to mind when you look at those who could benefit more from datacenters in Nigeria. Below is a bit of information on what I found, please feel free to mail me if you can add to this list or correct some of my errors 🙂

Datacenters In Nigeria

MTN Business Lagos Datacenter
MTN Datacenter is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It offers a range of hosting and management services, they claim to have the infrastructure and expertise to cut your operating expenses and lower the risks associated with building and managing your own internal environment. There is no mention of the Tier level of this facility though. I have been here and it’s pretty solid. Pricing also quite affordable. The location is another question though, its right across a main express road but they do have a lot of security



Broadbased – Marina
Broadbased Communications Limited is located in a high-rise building in Marina; 15 Marina to be exact. That alone is a problem for me, a datacenter in a high-rise. Also been in this one and it looks pretty standard but can’t say much about their quality of service though. If you use them you can shared your views in the comment below. Broadbased provides diverse Data Center services namely, Hardware installation and maintenance, Managed power distribution, Backup power systems, Data backup and archiving, Managed load balancing, Controlled Internet access, Managed e-mail and messaging. Also not sure what Tier this datacenter is as well.

Rack Centre
Rack Centre at Plot 18, Jagal Close, Oregun, Ikeja is a relatively new addition. Rack Centre is a State-of-the-Art, Tier III Designed Data Centre Offering Vendor Neutral Co-Location Services with 99.982% Service Level Guarantee.  According to their website “RACK CENTRE, a Jagal Group Company, has gone live with the first phase of its development of the biggest and most powerful Data Centre in Western Africa offering around 3,000 rack spaces and 6mVA of power. Steve Brookman, Rack Centre’s Managing Director commented, “there have been a some announcements recently from companies saying that they will deliver data centre services in the future, but the difference here is that Rack Centre is now live and operating, and I would encourage companies to come and see the future in operation today”. Rack Centre is the first Tier III designed, neutral co-location data centre facility offering services in Nigeria and Western Africa and has set its sights on positioning Nigeria at the centre of the Worldwide growth in disaster recovery, data storage and cloud based data centre services.” This is really impressive stuff.
It has easy access to the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, the third-mainland bridge and the airport. The local area is the centre for commercial and industrial activities in Lagos and hosts the Lagos State Government and many of Nigeria’s leading corporations including Dangote, Globacom, Unilever, Cadbury’s, Seven Up and Coca Cola among others. The data centre is on a 20,000 sq m site on a secure private road. The site itself is 23 meters above sea level and is one of the highest points in the area which reduces the risk of flooding. The site is 23m above sea level and within a private estate, with eight levels of physical security to ensure security.

rack center3






Globacom has set up a state-of-the-art Internet Data Centre in Lagos just as it announced plans to expand the existing data management platform by building another world-class facility that will be Nigeria’s Largest Iconic Data Center providing Tier 3 and Tier 4 enterprise data services in Abuja.The new Internet Data centre, which is already in operation, offers premium data-based services including co-location services, disaster recovery and dedicated hosting to interested clients all over Nigeria. Not surprising as I expect all telcos to have at least Tier 3 datacenters because of their operations. I have no idea where this is located though.

Lagos Datacenter

Not owned by the Lagos state government and actually not in Lagos too. This project while still not ready interests me the most. The Netherlands-based IT solutions company and datacenter operator Venema Advies, part of the Venema Advies Group, said it is building what will be the first carrier-neutral data center in Nigeria. Construction of the Venema data center has already begun with partner ICTroom, which builds data centers in the Netherlands. Venema Advies CEO Dick Venema told the Nigeria Guardian that to date, a lot of Nigeria’s data center infrastructure is hosted outside of Nigeria due to concerns with power provision but that Venema has secured enough power to ensure 24/7 operations. The company has secured 7.5MW of power capacity for the facility being built-in Agbara, in the Ogun State, and Venema said he expects it to be the most modern data center built in Nigeria. It can scale up to 25kW per rack, and will be offered with independent blocks of 1,000 sq m or more, with the financial services, banking, government, retail and healthcare sectors in mind. It has 5,000 sq m in total on offer, which will make it the largest datacenter in Africa if capacity is filled. Venema said each module build will be constructed to Tier IV specifications but customers will have the option of buying a Tier III module due to the design used. The company’s website said the data center will be connected to a number of major sites and internet exchange points with a number of key partners, including Tara Systems, Netcom Africa, Vodacom, Swift Networks, Airtel and Etisalat among 38 providers named. The expected completion date for this project is September 1st, 2014. Fingers crossed as this promises to be the largest datacenter in Africa. The fact that they have about 38 providers ready signed up to use their facility is pretty awesome too.nageria4







MainOne, has begun the building of a $25m Tier III + data centre in Lagos ( This was as at last year). Am guessing this is their second one too. I was invited a while back to come see the facility but haven’t had the time. The Chief Executive Officer, MainOne, Ms. Funke Opeke, said the facility would be the largest of its kind in West Africa at 1,500 square metres with a 600 rack capacity. ( Not anymore am afraid, Rack Center and Lagos Datacenter already have bigger capacities ) “The new data centre will leverage on MainOne’s network, which is peered with leading operators and Internet exchanges worldwide to provide global reach to our customers across all locations.” The MainOne boss also stated that the data centre, when completed, would have redundancy such that there would be no single point of failure within the facility.The datacenter will be  located at Lekki and would pave the way for the establishment of more data centres and points of presence across Nigeria and other West African nations. WOW !!! Datacenter in lekki ? Not sure about that one o. Flood prone area. This will be a Tier 3 datacenter.mainonenageria1




Computer Warehouse Group (CWG)

Nigeria’s Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) has launched a US$10m data center in Lagos according to a recent report by IT Web Africa. The company said the Tier III-rated “ultra-modern” data center would provide services for its customers, banks and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). CWG said the facility has incorporated “state-of-the-art” power and environmental management infrastructure providing combined 0.7 MVA generating capacity coupled with redundant and modular 200 KVA uninterruptible power supply to ensure incoming main power is conditioned and available 100% of the time.

There’s a nice video on this one that actually shows a mini tour of the facility. I know CWG very well. They are pretty solid and you can bet this will be quality a quality offering.

For now all my services and those of clients I work with are hosted outside this country and I have no immediate plan to bring them in. But you never know, let’s just see how this develops.

If you think I have missed out on some datacenters, be sure to point me in the right direction. Also tell me about my typos o 🙂