Excited much!!!

At midnight today, Jumia’s 8th Anniversary celebration will commence. The event is one of the biggest online sales experiences on the African continent, which now happens yearly – This will be my 3rd Anniversary, since joining Jumia a few years back.

Every year in June, millions of deal-hunting shoppers visit the Jumia platforms to “cash-in” on thousands of deals up for grabs. If the global trend we have seen in the last few months regarding the relevance of online shopping in these current times is anything to go by, this is going to be a huge event, one you want to be a part of.

When I joined Jumia a little over 2 years ago as Head of Growth Marketing, I was excited about the prospect of working in a tech Startup, working with the largest eCommerce player on the continent to grow an industry that is regarded by many as one of the most difficult to succeed in, given the underlining infrastructural deficiencies on the continent.

The last two years have been nothing short of amazing(safe to say, I have acquired 10 years plus of practical experience in this eCommerce space – everything from strategy to marketing, to operations and logistics), with the last few months, further validating one of my core beliefs – “eCommerce has no place to go in Africa, but up”. Despite the year on year growth recorded across Africa, eCommerce penetration in Africa remains the lowest in the world, so the room to grow exponentially is there.

While several brands viewed eCommerce, more as a “nice-to-have” just 6 months ago, this has changed rather dramatically in the last 4 months given the effect of the pandemic on operations.

Brands are now embracing eCommerce as a business continuity strategy of sorts, and I am super pumped to be operating right at the heart of this pivot. From local brands to multinational FMCGs operating in Nigeria, things are moving fast. Brands are jumping in, breaking stuff, learning, and adjusting – It’s high octane stuff right now. The rate of adoption by brands spells major positives for the sector and it can only get better from here on.

It’s a pretty great time to be in eCommerce, to be right in the middle of this pivot, working with brands across several industries to design and implement their eCommerce Playbooks.

Our anniversary deals this year are some of the best the Commercial team has ever put together and you are sure to find something for yourself. Go check out the deals and join the celebration here https://bit.ly/3execLO

Stay Safe out there people.

I would love to hear back from you in the comments.

Which Jumia Anniversary deals do you have your eyes on?

What is your brand’s current eCommerce play?

Has it changed in 2020 and why?