When in doubt, look to Google right? At least you would expect Google to get things right (let’s forget the epic fails of Buzz & Wave) Traditional advertising is dead”, “TV, Print & OOH is dieing”, “More and more budget is moving to digital” — Digital budget can only go up, it was at zero.

Is traditional advertising dead ? My response — An emphatic NO The world’s number one digital company — Google, in it’s attempt to drive a wider adoption of it’s search and video platforms in Nigeria didn’t turn to digital (at least not just digital) to grow.

Rather, they went for a very aggressive and integrated approach that was heavy on radio and OOH but complimented with heavy digital. They understood the importance of not living in their own bubble. People don’t live 100% online, they move around in a way that a skilled planner would be able to follow them with the message (not in a spooky way).

This is the mindset brands and agencies need to adopt. Focus on the objectives Understand the consumer and his journey Plan your message along this journey Don’t start with print or TV, heck don’t even start with mobile, start with the consumer and a clean slate.

A digital agency can lead with a radio idea, in just the same way a “traditional” agency can lead with mobile.