HTC is not as big as Apple and Samsung right now but that wasn’t always the case. HTC used to be a very dominant force in the mobile market. I think the company failed to innovate fast enough led to them being left behind by both Samsung and Apple. This hasn’t stopped them from launching a very daring new online campaign to push their HTC One M8 smart phone. While I don’t necessarily review products on my blog, I just had to say how much I love this new and very fresh marketing approach by HTC. I don’t have an HTC phone and haven’t had one since the days of  Windows CE and Windows 6 or something like that. (I am tempted to go get one.) Just got a new Sony Xperia Z Ultra which is pretty cool so no chance getting the M8 anytime soon but then again, you never know. I think this campaign is genius. For me, it shows a true understanding of the consumer journey. No matter what you say in your TV commercials, consumers will still carry out their research online to read what people have to say about the product. They simply don’t like brands talking at them or selling to them. HTC gets this and this is why I really like the direction of this commercial. While Samsung continues to “sell” it’s features and functions, HTC prefers to allow the consumer to form their own opinion by asking them to conduct a search, don’t take our word for it. I can only assume that the HTC team have done some serious content marketing and online reputation management around this new phone before the launch of this campaign because I “did” ask the internet and all the mentions I came across had really awesome reviews about the phone. Having Gary Oldman star in the commercials also works very well for me. Really nice work HTC, let’s hope this phone can begin to turn your fortunes around.