Am just sitting here wondering how many of us born before the era of the internet have access to many of our growing up pictures. Quite a number of us do but really how many?
I have been fortunate in my 30+ years of existence to have found about 10 of my baby pictures tucked away in an older album, under some books covered in dust a few years back, I now guard those pictures very dearly because really, they are all I have from growing up, I now have to take my mom’s word for it about my growing up days and we all know how they like to dramatize.

Many of you are like me while some have many more because your parents liked to take pictures and actually got to keep a large collection of your growing up images tucked away in nicely worn photo albums, lucky you.

Here is the thing, in those days pictures were taken with film cameras, you had to take the film to a studio/lab to have them developed, then you had them printed, then you had them placed in an album, you got to view them some times then, you moved them into a store to make space for more recent stuff. Many times you don’t go back to those albums in the store, you lose many in fire, you lose some while moving houses, you lost some just because you don’t know exactly where what you are searching for is.

It’s the story, that’s been told many times, ultimately you are left with a very limited collection of images from your baby days. Simply put, it took so much effort and discipline to keep everything organized over several years.

Digital photography changes everything. I have a Nikon D3s ( a pretty high-end camera) with an assortment of lens and just spent the whole of today taking pictures of my family. I have 3 boys, ages, 1, 3 and 5.

I moved the images from my memory card into my computer, cleaned them up a bit and in an instant, I had them uploaded to a private gallery on Facebook, Google+ and drop box, just like that. I browsed through my private gallery in the cloud and was able to see loads of images of my kids growing up at different stages of their lives,they were all there and private, safe from prying eyes.

The primary way we capture moments these days is with our mobile phones, I guard those pictures taken with my smartphones very closely because they are mostly candid moments which you simply cant get back, all images from my phones all sync to my private cloud account. It’s just so beautiful and effortless, no films to develop, no labs to visit. So even if I lose my phone ( and I have lost many in my time), many of my important files and images are safely synced to my cloud accounts.

It’s just great to know my kids won’t have a shortage of growing up images like I did, as at last count, combined they all had in excess of 3000 images taken over a space of just 5 years, many more years to come, many more moments to capture.

What is your story?


This post was written on my bed using my Google nexus 7 tablet, I will scan through to correct all my typos 🙂