Not too long ago, I attended the Google CIO conference which held in Lagos Nigeria. I was invited as one of five panelist to discuss the adoption of Google Apps in our organizations and answer questions from the audience on all things Google. At this conference over 2000 CIOs from many of the largest businesses in Nigeria turned up to see what Google had to offer in Nigeria.yourstruely

The above picture taken at the conference is of yours truly having a swell time. ( That’s me in the cream blazer)
I had migrated about 500 users to Google’s  cloud platform and never looked back. I moved my users from a  five servers,  Lotus Domino installation to Google’s cloud. IBM just wasn’t moving fast enough for us to be able to compete on a global scale. The eight companies I managed at the time were all global players and we just didn’t feel we were operating on the same level with out international allies and we needed to move fast to avoid becoming dinosaurs.
For many Nigerian businesses the adoption of cloud technologies represents a super highway to massive technological innovations. The possibility of the cloud presents so many opportunities that never would have been possible in a developing country like Nigeria.
While the cloud itself does present its own issues, if you ask me with proper planning you would be on your way to phenomenal changes and growth. Google is continuously innovating the platform, adding more features just about everyday.
Over the last few months, I have moved many more users and companies to the cloud, large and small businesses alike. The suite of tools being offered by Google in the cloud easily allows smaller firms compete quite favorably with even fortune 100 companies.
PS : At the CIO conference I won myself a Samsung Chromebook from Google by answering one of their quiz.
I am writing this blog post from that very laptop.
My very first encounter with one of Googles’ Chromebook and I must confess we seem to have been made for each other.