A few years ago, I probably would not have had this problem, it would have been pretty easy to make up my mind.

One of my new year resolutions this year was to ensure that I diversified my investments more. I am not the type that likes to keep money around, I like to put it up in something rather than being too liquid.

So what then is my investment dilemma ? Well here it is, I have a decent amount of money to invest, not too much but decent enough to guarantee a nice return if used well.

Two investments options are now open to me, Let’s say one is virtual while the other is physical.

The physical investment requires me to put my money into something very tangible, a brick and mortar sort of thing. It involves me investing in equipment that I can actually see and touch. The best part about this particular investment is that it is safe and tested, many have gone this route and made good returns. Going this route I am sure to make good returns.

The virtual investment on the other hand isn’t exactly safe and tested but has worked very well in several countries other than ours. It involves me investing in two online platforms with operations that will not be centralised but spread across the globe. That means no physical office, just workers with laptops spread across the world. I could make money with this route or I could lose money in as little as two months going this route


Just yesterday I got a mail saying one of Nigeria’s most visible startups was calling it quits, I personally thought they were doing very well and the mail came as a shock to me. Several other tech startups in Nigeria went burst in 2012 but many are still handing in there.

The virtual project has a very strong business plan and if all the financials actually adds up, I expect to be sitting pretty but then again this is Nigeria, are we really that ripe ?

The virtual project is very risky but I will definitely be towing this part for a few reasons

  1. Its risky
  2. Its new
  3. Its different
  4. its disruptive

There is absolutely nothing about the physical store that will get me noticed, there are probably a million similar stores doing the very same business already.

This project is bound to make me standout from the crowd and that is what I preach everyday.  You have all heard the story of the world being flat, only those who stand up with standout.

I will standout, what about you ? What investment option would you take ?