At least that is what the data seems to be indicating. I have had my number portability movement analyser app online now for just a few days and all movements points in this direction.

After just three days, about 60% of entries on the poll points towards users  moving to Etisalat when number portability officially kicks off in Nigeria. The poll is free and you can take part as well, you can also view the sample report once you submit the form online here.

MTN is currently the greatest hit; about 40% of all movement is to Etisalat, and they are from MTN.

What then does this tell us ?

MTN currently has about 50 million subscribers according to NCC’s data while Etisalat still has less than 20 million users on their network. Will Etisalat be able to cope with the inflow  from the three other networks?

I guess only time will tell. All data points to a rush to move to Etisalat, am just hoping the guys at Etisalat are preparing for this new level of traffic.

Interestingly too very little migration out of Etisalat is being noticed in the reports.

Airtel surprisingly has also comfortably held the second spot for a while too.


To access the detailed full operator report in PDF showing why users are moving and also to have access to the raw data which you can analyse in a statistical application such as SPSS, please send email to