So I got to give a talk at the above forum and really enjoyed myself. In my opinion about 6,000 SME owners attended this event and it was a huge success.

By popular demand, here is my presentation from the event, feel free to share it anywhere you like but remember to link back to this blog, ok?

Special thanks to everyone that waited to have a chat with me, I have all your cards and I promise I will keep in touch with you all.

I have a SME product brewing at the moment which is currently in development, I will also be sharing that with you as well, please remember to sign up to the blog so you get notified when I upload new content.

Also based on the questions I was asked at the forum, it’s easy that small businesses in Nigeria are still battling with the simplest issues with using technology to drive their business, so I think I will be doing a series based on those questions.

I might even put together a full day programme to work you guys through a “getting started online” session for Nigerian businesses.