Sometime last year, I earned the qualification of a Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE), what this meant was that I was certified to consult on designing datacenters as well as to manage their day-to-day operations; I hold both the Data center Design Professional (DCD) as well as well as the Datacenter Operations Management Professional(DCOM) certifications.  So when I had to find a datacenter to host services for some of my clients in Nigeria, I knew exactly what I was looking for.

After visiting quite a number of solution providers claiming to providing hosting facilities, I was quite disappointed, most of them had nothing more than poorly planned server rooms.

However, when I finally got to visit MTNs’ datacenter in Ojota part of Lagos, I was simply blown away. Datacenters are classified in tiers, which majorly refers to their level of reliability, from tier one to tier four, with tier four being the most reliable and redundant.

MTN datacenter in Lagos is a tier-3 datacenter which ;

  • Meets or exceeds all Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements
  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment
  • All IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site’s architecture
  • Concurrently maintainable site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.982%

I have visited a number of datacenters in my time but I have to confess, what MTN has to offer far exceeds what I have ever seen anywhere.  It is easily the biggest datacenter in Nigeria. While I don’t want to talk much about the technology being deployed in this datacenter what I want to emphasise is how, MTN a telecommunications brand is gradually becoming a very strong player in the technology industry in Nigeria. Their datacenter is open to the public for a number of co-location and DR services and they are actually very well priced too.

This is where businesses are going to have to go. Companies need to continuously reinvent themselves not only to ensure adequate returns for their shareholders but also to  go where their customers are going. MTN dominates the GSM industry in Nigeria with over 40 million subscribers and have now cast their eyes on a relatively virgin industry with an extremely high barrier to entry.

How is your company innovating and finding new business ?

PS : Still trying to get pictures of the datacenter so you guys know why I said I was totally blown away.