… and it’s a none post 🙂 but I just wanted to drop something here.

Welcome to probably the most exciting year in recent times especially if you are in the branding, marketing, technology and innovation space – This year promises to be awesome.

I have a couple of articles in their final stages around AI, eCommerce, Innovation, Design Thinking and Product & Brand Management in the works and just wanted to use this post to give you a heads-up. This space will get busy soon so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

My test app on the Play store is doing great and with little to no marketing enjoys hundreds of downloads on a weekly basis with downloads from all over the world. I am getting ready to launch Vournally which is being built for both Android and iOs soon so be sure to stay tuned here to read about how the apps are doing, I bootstrap everything and don’t build products for the Nigerian market – Why build for 180 million Nigerian when you can build for billions?

Topics that interest me right now

Konga turns classified ads site – well sort of.

Zinox buys Konga!!! What’s that about?

Zinox/Yudala planning to take on Jumia?

OLX pulls out of Nigeria – Saw that one coming, no way they were staying, Jiji was taking them to the cleaners

Jumia still going strong?

Is eCommerce still viable in this country?

Zinox vs Yudala?

Taxify vs Uber – I exclusively use Taxify now by the way.

So many incubation hubs, very few viable startups.

UBA Leo  – By the end of this year at least 10 of the banks will launch their chatbots

Single Malt Whiskies 🙂

Enough with the ranting, I just wanted to drop this here, remember to subscribe.

Back in a bit