About five years ago, I decided to install a telecoms mast in my home-office. The reason being that quality of service being provided by mobile internet providers in Nigeria was not as stable as you would want. For someone who spends a great deal of time on the internet doing all sorts of things ranging from starting out new ventures, investing, studying and even gaming, I simply had to have a more reliable internet solution , hence the mast.

I quickly found out the “bigger” internet service providers were not so different from the mobile providers and ended up installing wireless radios from three different service providers just to ensure I remain connected. I spend a fortune on internet connection.

Fast forward five years and I have five boys, five very healthy and energetic boys and those of who who have kids know what that means. My boys are fascinated with my 120 feet high telecoms mast and love to climb it, my three years old son, who is easily the most adventurous of the bunch at a particular time got trapped climbing the mast, it was a no-brainer the mast simply had to go. So the picture in the header shows my installation guys, getting ready to bring the whole thing down, all 120 feet of it.

The mast is now down and stacked away, waiting to be sold off to any available buyer. I am now limited to using the mobile units being provided by the telecoms providers and really its a big mess, I have three connected right now with one of those providers touting “4G” all over the place, its all just a mess.

My mast is down, my kids are safe, my internet is shit, my frustration is high…. all is well.