Mobile Number Portability is finally upon us in Nigeria. The launch date has been shifted several times in the past but it now looks like it will finally be happening in the month of April, 2013.

I am really curious to know what trend will be most visible when the “show” finally begins. Will the “old boys” and perennial dominant market champion finally lose it’s crown to younger and more innovative new entrants like Etisalat ? Will a newly rejuvenated Airtel, surprise all-comers and command the leading market share in the months to come? How has Glo’s “unlimited” come at just the right time to push things in their favour? Your guess is as good as mine.

So rather than relying on guess-work which we Nigerians are quite good at J , I have developed a mobile app which I will share in a later post. The mobile app is browser-based so it will work with all Internet connected devices. It is simple, light weight and should open very fast, it also only one page.

It asks a series of basic questions about which network you are on and which you will be moving to, if you did decide you wanted to move. It is very simple to use and I hope you will also fill it. You will get to see a beautiful chart, which will show you update stats on how each of the telecoms providers is doing in terms of movement.

If you sign up with your email address and phone number I will be sure to send you a final summary document showing the trends.

No need to get to a computer, you can complete the form right from your Blackberry and mobile phones.

Some Benefits of Number Portability

  • Freedom to choose any telecoms network your prefer
  • it will make it easier for new mobile entrant to gain market share in an already saturated market.
  • It will make deployment of telecom services faster and more cost affordable.
  • Call tariff will drop
  • Quality of Value Added Services like data/internet will improve


EDIT : The app is online now and you can find it here  😉 be sure to check it out