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Datacenters in Nigeria

Nigeria is seeing a significant rise in the number of datacenters being established in the country. I am not talking about the “server rooms” some isps parade as datacenters but the more structured and regulated ones.

A few months back I did a little write up on a MTN datacenter I visited a while back and …

Brands / Business

A Bit More on Strategy

Strategy is about making choices. It’s about sacrifices.

Strategy is about knowing you simply cannot do everything or be everything.

Any strategy starts out from determining what your organisation wants to achieves or problems it needs solved i.e your objectives.

It follows up into understanding the environmental context in which your business and competition play.

It identifies your target …

Mobile / Technology

Smiling my way to the Bank ?

Ok, so maybe the title doesn’t really work but I’ m going somewhere with it  🙂

Guys – This is MY opinion o, before una start…

My experience with internet speeds in Nigeria has been nothing short of a nightmare. I have about 10 different internet links ( with at least 4 active every month. ) From …


Six questions for startups

A lot of young Nigerians are quite excited about the prospect of being their own boss.

So you are about to start your own company ?

About to quit your 9 to 5 and get off the “production mill” ?

Stand back a bit and ask yourself the six following questions, you need to be crystal clear about …


Three Myths of Entrepreneurship

I have been reading this very awesome book Bill Aulet, Bill is the managing director in the Martin Trust Centre for MIT Entrepreneurship, so you can bet he knows a thing or two about what he’s talking about?
In this book he debunked 3 myths of entrepreneurship and I present them to you here.
I won’t provide …

Marketing / Social Media

More on Strategy

A quick nugget here – Your strategy is not a goal that you intend to reach / achieve. Your strategy is not “fluff”
Your strategy is actually detailed actionable breakdowns of how you intend to solve a problem. Many Nigerian companies have goals setting mixed up with strategy.
I have heard the CEO of a Nigerian firm …


Why you need a strategic plan

Quite simply, you need a strategic plan to help you get from a point “A”( where you are) to a point “B”(where you need to be)
While it’s actually very possible to move from A to B without any sort of plan in place, you will quickly find out that you will approach the process in …