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Google and the Enterprise Social Business Space.

Really, I continue to wonder what Google is waiting for. The enterprise social business space is pretty much virgin and a sure winner for a company the likes of Google. Google needs to extend Gmail beyond what we currently have.  Sure we have very solid companies already operating very well in this space, like Jive …

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Twitter Extends the Television

It’s official !!! Twitter has just activated the Television, making it one of the most social “new media” platforms out there now and am not joking.

It’s actually quite safe to consider Television as new media. Am not talking about the new range of smart televisions with installable apps either, am talking good old-fashioned television. If …

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Nigeria : Advertising as we know it.

In 500 BC, Confucius inadvertently predicted the future of advertising when he said “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll understand”.

This is the basis of the future of advertising.

Advertising as we know it is changing . The new buzz word on everyone’s lips is “Digital”. Agencies and brands …

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SoftBank’s Geiger Counter Phone is True Innovation

I am sitting here watching CNN right now and the new phone by SoftBank is being talked about.

Surprisingly this is my first time of even hearing about the company but you can rest assure, I won’t be forgetting the name anytime soon.

Apparently they have built the very first radiation detecting smartphone capable of detecting radiation …

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What is a Social Business ?

When do we say a business has become social ?

Social Business is all about engagement, it’s about the Internet, it’s about technology and it’s about collaborations.

It’s about people, it’s about processes and it’s about platforms. For a business to be truly social, all 3 Ps must be directly affected.

The idea of a Social Business …


Writing with Google -The Google Docs Research Tool

I launched my Google Docs application to get started on a new article and was greeted by a new very pleasant surprise.

A new feature being called the Research tool by Google.

The Research tool makes it easy to add information from the web to your documents. To access the tool:

Select the Research option from the Tools …



I recently carried out research for a client on the status of the Nigerian smart phone market. Here are just a few of the main points to take out of the paper proper. Statistics was gathered from a some sources and I hope someone will find this useful.

Africa is …

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Facebook can rule the world !!!

Welcome to my Blog. This is my very first bog post.

I think that Facebook can rule the world. Ok so maybe not the world but definitely the web. The Social media giant really needs to sit up and start taking lessons from the “big boys”

Facebook is already, easily the …