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Chief Strategy Officer Summit

Balance Strategy Formulation & Ensure Flawless Execution

Just last month, I attended the Chief Strategy Officer Summit which held at the Conrad hotel in New York and was organized by the guys at Innovation Enterprise.The Chief Strategy Officer Summit gathers strategy executives for a thought leading summit acclaimed for its innovative insights into the strategic planning …

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Innovation in Nigeria

Just the other day I got into a discussion with a few colleagues on the area of innovation. They didn’t seem to believe innovation was happening here in Nigeria and that if it was indeed happening, it wasn’t disruptive enough.

Technology and the internet has put us in an era the experts are now calling the …

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Innovating with Google

Not too long ago, I attended the Google CIO conference which held in Lagos Nigeria. I was invited as one of five panelist to discuss the adoption of Google Apps in our organizations and answer questions from the audience on all things Google. At this conference over 2000 CIOs from many of the largest businesses …


Understanding Innovation.

Why does innovation seem so hard?

Globalization and the rapid advancement of technology are changing how business is being done the world over, Nigeria not being an exception.
Nigerian companies are increasingly needing to dig deep to stay competitive in a world where our biggest competitors are half way across the world, sometimes, the biggest global players …

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How The Social Marketing Space is Shaping

Google recently snapped up Wildfire, a company dedicated to social media marketing.

From the outside it’s quite easy to predict or assume what Google is up to.

The future of the internet is no doubt “social” so Google is just “preparing” and “shaping” the space to be a dominant player.

While before now Wildfire provided social marketing opportunities …

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Google and the Enterprise Social Business Space.

Really, I continue to wonder what Google is waiting for. The enterprise social business space is pretty much virgin and a sure winner for a company the likes of Google. Google needs to extend Gmail beyond what we currently have.  Sure we have very solid companies already operating very well in this space, like Jive …

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Twitter Extends the Television

It’s official !!! Twitter has just activated the Television, making it one of the most social “new media” platforms out there now and am not joking.

It’s actually quite safe to consider Television as new media. Am not talking about the new range of smart televisions with installable apps either, am talking good old-fashioned television. If …

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Nigeria : Advertising as we know it.

In 500 BC, Confucius inadvertently predicted the future of advertising when he said “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll understand”.

This is the basis of the future of advertising.

Advertising as we know it is changing . The new buzz word on everyone’s lips is “Digital”. Agencies and brands …