Ok, so maybe the title doesn’t really work but I’ m going somewhere with it  🙂

Guys – This is MY opinion o, before una start…

My experience with internet speeds in Nigeria has been nothing short of a nightmare. I have about 10 different internet links ( with at least 4 active every month. ) From the 3G offerings provided by the telcos to the recently released 4G LTE packages.

For us users, the challenge we face is not only with speed but also reliability. The link works today and it’s super fast and you are happy; try it tomorrow and you are literally  pulling your hair out.

Over the years I have been hopping around from network to network, from plan to plan, looking for that service/provider that would finally give me “peace”. It hasn’t been easy but I can now say I think I have finally  “THE ONE”.

I am a very early adopter of technology and love to try out stuff while the doubting Thomases are still making up their minds and I don’t blame them for stalling because I have been burnt plenty myself.

The picture below shows all the links ( ok some of my links. I  have 2 fixed internet links at home as well ) I currently use for getting online. I have arranged them from left to right in the order I rate them.



My MTN mifi was probably my first true love that took me out of “connectivity hell”.  It worked pretty well for a while but it simply wasn’t amazing at the time and suffered too many downtimes. I had to let it go. I haven’t used it in like a year though so I can’t tell you if the quality of their service is any better.

Next is my Swift 4G Broadband link. Hmmmmm, Swift. They over-promised and grossly under-delivered. When this link works, it just works and it’s speed is decent but not mind boggling. A mixture of over congestion and downtimes meant I had to continue my search. By the way I have 3 different Swift modems. I have loads of friends who share this same view about this one ( Then again, most of them tend to follow in my footsteps 🙂 )

Next up, my Etisalat link. I love Etisalat like no other network. I feel they just understand me, period. This is the link I used to swear by. I love this network so much that simply by word of mouth I cannot begin to tell you how many of my friends  (and enemies of course) who have ported to the network or purchased Etisalat data plans. The link is pretty stable and works most of the time. I am currently on a 20GB data plan on my main line on a Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone and have absolutely no regrets about using this plan or network. I actually thought this was the best I could get and wasn’t looking for a new data plan.

Enter the King of broadband data in Nigeria, folks – Smile 4G LTE. Oh my goodness! I saw the billboards and heard the radio commercials, joined their Facebook page, read the comments and instantly got on board. Gentlemen, this is real mobile broadband like no other. I understand the technology is very different from what Swift offers which ensures your speeds are practically guaranteed. Their customer support tells me I can get speeds of up to 20mb/s . No mobile provider in Nigeria is currently able to offer this, to the best of my knowledge. This thing is blazing fast! I mean my Etisalat is fast and I can watch Youtube videos on it (with a lot of buffering though) but, on Smile 4G LTE, it’s a totally different experience – MY YOUTUBE STREAMS PERFECTLY!!! Guys, no buffering at all!!! (at least for now o)

I tend to get carried away when I find new technology that I love. I love Smile.

This is my opinion guys and as you will see, it’s not a technical review, just a review of a regular guy who loves to Smile. I might post a more detailed and technical review in future but don’t hold your breaths o. 🙂

Speed test result for this morning attached. 😀 You have just got to love that upload speed.

Still smiling…



This was from yesterday as well…crazy speed