The guys at Eskimi are my real good friends and I have worked with them for a while now.

Over a very short period they have built one of the largest social, mobile platforms for Nigerians, second only to Facebook.

In Nigeria, Eskimi is bigger than Google and Yahoo as mobile destinations.

Someone on Twitter asked yesterday  if I could share some statistics about mobile OS share of market in Nigeria and as usual, I turned to Eskimi for some help.

While off the top of my head, I would say the low-end Nokia’s and feature phones easily leads the pack, with blackberry and Android very close behind, I thought it best to work on real data, so I turn to data from the second largest social mobile network in Nigeria.

Eskimi has over 7 million registered Nigerian users and it is pretty safe to assume their numbers should be an accurate representation of the required information( If you don’t agree, then it’s time to move along)

First, here are some stats about the Nigerian digital space as presented by Eskimi

  • Nigeria has over 100 million SIM cards in use
  • 70+ million unique users using mobile
  • 35+ million of them are using internet
  • Nigeria has more than 32+ million of them are using MOBILE internet, while only 3+ million use internet on their desktop computers
  • MEDIA in Africa and Nigeria is MOBILE
  • 90% of Eskimi users are mobile
  • 81% Facebook users are mobile
  • MOBILE in Nigeria is already 10 times bigger than desktop
  • 30% of the total internet users spend up to 4 hours every day using internet and social media, while they spend just over one hour in front of their TVs
  • Eskimi has over 7 million members in Nigeria with more than 1 billion impressions monthly
  • The Eskimi Adnetwork reaches more than 3 billion impressions monthly

Eskimi is massive in Nigeria and you can find them here

Now to the data requested,

ESKIMI_users_by_OSAbout 70% of all mobile traffic is for sources Eskimi terms as unknowns, I would like to think these are a combination of low-end mobile phones such a s feature phones and what we in Nigeria call “chinese phones”

Somehow surprisingly, Nokia Asha range comes tops, ahead of Androids that is fast becoming the smartphone standard in Nigeria, thanks to the likes of Tecno and Samsung. Tecno with innovative and affordable devices and Samsung with their awesome Galaxy range of devices. – My last 4 phones have been Galaxies by the way, with the Note 2 being my current phone.

IOS is still pretty Niche here in Nigeria though and it shows in the figures shown above.

Please note that all the numbers presented above are based on data from Eskimi’s network and could be different if other points / channels were taken into consideration.


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