Just a quick one here.

In Nigeria, with politics, you never know what to expect. The game tends to get dirty very fast so I don’t care much for it.

All that aside though, I think there is something brands can learn from politicians in Nigeria to be specific. Am sure you are wording what right?

What could an established, “polished” brand learn from our “funny” politicians you might ask? Well quite simple really..storytelling !!! Nigerian politicians can teach some of our brands a thing or two about storytelling.

Nigerian politicians have become masters at storytelling. They have turned to the art of storytelling to win voters over while some brands are still “interrupting us with advertisement”. Storytelling is proving to be a winning formula too, anyone remember the story of the Nigerian President who had no shoes? :-)

Just a few days ago a former vice president seeking his party’s presidential ticket for the 2015 Nigerian presidential elections serenaded us with stories of his childhood; how his father was imprisoned for sending him to school, how he struggled to make his way through school, how he became his family’s heads herdsman at a very young age, how he got into the Nigerian customs and made his way to the very top. He didn’t stop there, he told us about the current situation of the country then he sold us a dream of a “perfect” Nigeria, a Nigeria of our dreams, a Nigeria everyone could be proud of. The truth is that even the most hardened critics “bought it” ( whether they will vote for him is another question though :-)) Everyone was talking about this speech and how it “touched” them so much. Basically, they bought into his story. The candidate sold us a story and we connected and related to it.

Politicians are master storytellers, yet brands still struggle at storytelling. Brands need to connect with their customers by “selling” stories that are true and authentic. Brands cannot continue to interrupt consumers with advertising. I don’t remember where I heard this quotes but I simply just love it

“A brand is a story that is always being told”

Social media has made it easy for brands to tell their stories and for these stories to spread and possibly go viral.

Storytelling, when done right helps to endear brands into the heart of the consumer.

Advertising pushes information to consumers and in this “digital age” where they are so bombarded with options, they don’t like that. Storytelling on the other hand, pulls them.

Got an amazing story to share? Then consumers will seek you out, they will find you and when they find you, with the help of social media they will like and share your content.

Brand managers need to “wake up” to storytelling. The truth is many of them already know about the power of creative storytelling, they just are not bold enough to give it a shot.

It is easy to sell a story than to sell an ad, go and ask “Jona” the boy with no shoes. :-)

Does your brand have a story ?