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My first post of 2018…

… and it’s a none post 🙂 but I just wanted to drop something here.

Welcome to probably the most exciting year in recent times especially if you are in the branding, marketing, technology and innovation space – This year promises to be awesome.

I have a couple of articles in their final stages around AI, eCommerce, Innovation, Design Thinking and Product & Brand Management in the works and just wanted to use this post to give you a heads-up. This space will get busy soon so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

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Some thoughts on Innovation…innovating from the flanks

Innovation as a concept excites me. I love seeing companies swim against the tide and turn out innovative service and product offerings.

We live in interesting times, times where “business as usual” has become quite dangerous with technology now playing a major role in innovation acceleration, becoming an equalizer of sorts. Businesses that aren’t taking advantage of …

Brands / Digital

Virtual Reality and Opportunities for Brands

I am beginning to think that 2016 will be the year VR (Virtual Reality) finally takes off. VR and its more complicated cousin, AR (Augmented Reality) have been buzzwords for as long as I can remember, making the top trends for the last couple of years, but never really making it into mainstream …

Really Happening at Nikon and Canon

What is Really Happening at Nikon and Canon?

I know, the topic is dramatic, how else can I get you to read it

These are my views o, before una start o.

Here goes my rant…

I really don’t get it.

Could someone please explain to me what it is exactly the research and development labs …

Marketing / Social Media

More on Strategy

A quick nugget here – Your strategy is not a goal that you intend to reach / achieve. Your strategy is not “fluff”
Your strategy is actually detailed actionable breakdowns of how you intend to solve a problem. Many Nigerian companies have goals setting mixed up with strategy.
I have heard the CEO of a Nigerian firm …


Innovating with family pictures

Am just sitting here wondering how many of us born before the era of the internet have access to many of our growing up pictures. Quite a number of us do but really how many?
I have been fortunate in my 30+ years of existence to have found about 10 of my baby pictures tucked away …

Brands / Innovation

Brands as Publishers

For someone who hates to writes, I wonder why I started a blog in the first place. 🙂

In an era where information is so freely available everywhere, brands need to take up new roles as publishers.

Creating content delivers so many benefits for your brand.

It helps you to “sculpt” the conversations online around your brand.
It gets you found.
It helps …


Investment Dilemma

A few years ago, I probably would not have had this problem, it would have been pretty easy to make up my mind.

One of my new year resolutions this year was to ensure that I diversified my investments more. I am not the type that likes to keep money around, I like to put it …

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