I recently consulted for a new 10 man strong digital agency on a pitch for the digital business of a new FMCG brand. This was a “digital” pitch but these young lads had gone ahead to provide executions that spanned radio, BRT, out of home and even print… I was blown away.

They had produced all the content and had demos of everything ready. They simply wanted to see what I thought of their ideas and flow. The channels were not forced-on but rather integrated rather beautifully. While they could have stuck to just the digital bit, they knew the power of the idea was in its integration.

This is the mindset the industry needs. Focus on the consumer and plan your communication along his journey. These guys had no plans to leave even crumbs on the table for the “traditional “ agencies…they were taking no prisoners.

If you haven’t noticed the trends, so-called digital agencies now hire experienced Creative Directors and are quickly dropping the “digital” in their names.

While traditional agencies continue to find ways of repositioning to address the challenges being presented by management consultancies who now play in their space, the smaller digital agencies are also creeping in from the flanks, expanding their offerings and use technology to scale…interesting times.