Just a few days ago, I wrote about the opening of Mainone’s new datacenter which they are calling the Lekki datacenter and is being managed by a new subsidiary called MDX-1

The good news i just two days ago, I got to take a full tour of the facility and have formed my views – too lazy to write now :-) but I should have my opinion up sometime soon. However let me drop this on the table before then, Mainone is really serious about the need for datacenters in Nigeria, they already have another tier 3 infrastructure planned for Shagamu in Ogun state.

This would make them a very attractive choice for disaster recover and backup services to blue-chip businesses not just in Nigeria but in West Africa.

With the datacenter capacity we are building in Nigeria, it’s easy to see these businesses extending their services to the whole of West Africa and beyond.

I will be back :-)