Don’t know how many of you saw Google’s Doodle for September 9th, 2014.

It’s the image shown below here.

Anybody know who it was dedicated to or who is in the illustration?
Na…, am sure many of us had no clue before yesterday who the Doodle was dedicated to.
But if Google thinks something is important enough to showcase on their search homepage, then you can be rest assured they consider it important enough for us “mere-mortals” to Google it up; and so like many all across the world, I did too.

Turns out the Doodle was dedicated to the Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy who was born in 1828 and died in 1910. Google used the Doodle to mark the 186th birthday of the famous novelist, philosopher and thinker.

The Doodle which was illustrated by popular San Francisco based artist, Roman Muradov, shows the great author in cartoon form, in deep thought, working on one of this masterpieces by the candlelight.

Google has an amazing influence on us these days. Just by replacing their logo for a few hours, millions of people have learnt about Leo Tolstoy and even the illustrator Roman Muradov (Am sure he getting bombarded with work right now). With over 3.5 billion searches conducted everyday, Google is able to give massive attention to any cause they choose to.

Just imagine Google dedicating their homepage for 3 days to the deadly virus, Ebola. The disease with no known cure that is causing unbelievable damage in West Africa and in particular, Liberia at the moment. I mean if it’s ok to celebrate a famous long dead writer ( which is cool by the way ), it would be greater to draw attention to a disease that has killed thousands in Africa.

Just saying.