I have been reading this very awesome book Bill Aulet, Bill is the managing director in the Martin Trust Centre for MIT Entrepreneurship, so you can bet he knows a thing or two about what he’s talking about?
In this book he debunked 3 myths of entrepreneurship and I present them to you here.
I won’t provide you with a detailed breakdown of each but you should get the picture, you can always grab a copy if you need more insights on the topic, the book is actually quite mind-blowing.

The first myth is that entrepreneurship cannot be taught, that you need to be born with the “genes” to make it as an entrepreneur. No way. Entrepreneurship can actually be taught, you just need to want it enough. Access to all the best recourses also goes along way in making you successful.No one person is born with a silver spoon to be successful as an entrepreneur. So go out there are live your dream.

Myth two is that “All entrepreneurs are charismatic” According to his research, entrepreneurs who are solid communicators, recruiters and salespeople stand a better chance at success than those who are charismatic

The third myth according to Bill Aulet is that “Individuals start companies “. While he does agree that at close glance, this seems to be the case, a more in-depth review of research actually shows that most successful startups were as a result of team efforts and not the efforts of one person. It’s a very interesting point to ponder but I actually do agree with not just the third point but all three.

Grab a copy of discipline entrepreneurship and you will learn plenty, even if you are launching your startup for the Nigerian market.