Someone just tried to get me to include a flash based game into a digital proposal for a client –  you know yourself :-)


A client that is based in Nigeria.

A client that is trying to reach Nigerians living in Nigeria.

A client who is trying to reach young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 25.

Wow, was all I could really say at the time.

He’s view was that the game was very interactive and would project the brand as being very innovative.

Well, all that is nice and all but are we taking about the same Nigeria here I asked him when I recovered from my shock.

Nigeria where the internet is primarily mobile and enjoys about 70% mobile penetration.

Nigeria where over 80% of all our online activities is driven by mobile rather than desktop.

Deciding to include flash ( A technology that doesn’t work on mobile devices)  into a digital plan for a client trying to reach users who are all on mobile is a recipe for a failed campaign.

As professionals we should try to focus more on digital effectiveness and not just digital for “effizzy” sake.

Many creatives really just want to run a fancy campaign that gets talked about, we should also try to get the same campaign to positively affect the balance sheet of our clients.